Dr. Patrick Keelan Anxiety CounsellingGeneralized Anxiety

I help clients who suffer from anxiety issues which occur on an ongoing basis. In anxiety counselling, my focus is on helping clients address the worrisome thoughts captured by the notion of “What if?”. I move clients from “What if?” toward “Then what” thinking by helping them develop psychological coping skills to handle those “What ifs” if they do materialize.

Social Anxiety

Clients who suffer from this issue are preoccupied with fears of rejection and criticism from others. My dual-pronged approach involves (1) helping clients accurately determine whether others are criticizing or rejecting them; (2) helping clients develop assertive internal responses to specific kinds of criticisms and rejections.


For clients who have anxiety related to specific situations, I focus on helping them gradually approach these situations rather than avoid them. By teaching my clients cognitive and behavioral coping skills, my clients gain the confidence to remain in these situations to the point that their anxiety diminishes.

Post-traumatic stress

For clients who have had a traumatic event such as sexual or childhood abuse or bullying, it is hard to enjoy the present because they are continually reminded of these events. In my role of Calgary psychologist, I help my clients heal from these events in two ways: (1) healing from the emotional effects of the events by reducing the impact of anxiety and other negative emotions; (2) healing from the negative effects on their thinking and beliefs by being able to view themselves positively and begin to rebuild trust of others.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Clients with OCD are distressed by obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviours such as hand-washing, counting and checking. I help these people to reduce the frequency of these beahviours so that they no longer interfere with their lives.

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