To contact me or book an appointment, please complete the contact form below or you may reach me by telephone at (403) 324-1875. When contacting me, please indicate whether you would like our first meeting to be a regular 50-minute counselling session or a free 30-minute consultation.

Most people prefer to start with a regular 50-minute counselling session if they have already determined that they would like me to help them with their issues–perhaps by having been referred to me or by having read the material on my website. Other people choose the 30-minute free consultation for the first meeting as a way to determine whether they would like me to help them with their issues. The consultation is an opportunity for a person to Contact Dr. Patrick Keelanask me questions about my approach to determine whether it would be a good fit for them. Please note that the consultation is not a counselling session in which we begin to address your issues. I also do not meet with a person for a free 30-minute consultation followed immediately by counselling with the same person for the remainder of the same hour.

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