Important Notice Regarding Counselling Sessions During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Dear clients and prospective clients:

During the difficult and stressful period of the coronavirus pandemic, in the name of social distancing, I am offering both 50-minute counselling sessions and free 30-minute consultations by video (FaceTime, Skype and Zoom) and by telephone.

Please note that before and during the pandemic, I have had many sessions with clients using these alternative platforms. The evidence from client reports, outcome measures of client progress and my observations are that both sessions and consultations which use them are as effective as in-person meetings.

So I look forward to continuing helping you during this challenging period. As I wrote in my most recent blog article posted on this site, despite it being normal to experience some anxiety from recent events there are skills and strategies which you can learn and apply in order to manage your stress. I look forward to helping you with this and other issues in the coming weeks and months.

Dr. Pat