Frequently Asked Psychology Questions

In counseling, you work with your psychologist to implement ideas and strategies in sessions and between sessions to address your issues.
If the issue you are dealing with is interfering with your life (e.g., work, school, relationships) and you’ve struggled to make progress in dealing with the issue on your own, it would probably be helpful for you to see a psychologist.
You should feel comfortable with your psychologist, both terms of feeling you can open up to them and in terms of liking their approach to addressing your issues. A good psychologist will work with you to find an approach that you are comfortable with.
I focus on helping clients make changes in their thinking and their behavior to address their issues. In doing so, I help clients break problems down into small steps and to make positive changes in a step-by-step manner.
Homework involves the client doing work between sessions on implementing one or more ideas that they have discussed with their psychologist during a session. Research indicates that clients who do homework make better and faster progress in addressing their issues.
Getting help allows a person to learn skills that they can use to address their issues in an effective manner. Many clients report that these skills serve them well long after they