Dr. Patrick Keelan Speaking and Interview Engagements

Psychology on stage or in the media – Book Dr. Pat

Dr. Pat is available for speaking engagements, workshops and media interviews on a broad range of psychological topics.

From the big stage to focused workshops, Dr. Pat can both teach and motivate your audience in a number of psychological topics.

I have given presentations and workshops on a variety of topics listed below. If you’re looking for a psychological topic not listed you can send me your request and I will do my best to accommodate you needs.

  • Overcoming depression
  • Overcoming anxiety
  • Healing from the effects of past events
  • Overcoming social anxiety
  • The secrets of having fulfilling relationships
  • Psychological skills for peak performance
  • Using cognitive-behavioural therapy to improve your life
  • Get your subconscious mind working for you with hypnosis
  • Break free from addictions
  • Strategies for addressing eating disorders
  • Anger management strategies
  • Stress management strategies
  • How to have effective relationships at work
  • Psychological skills for effective performance as a group or team

Dealing with the Stress of Working in Isolation

Calgary Association of Freelance Editors Wellness Panel on February 4, 2015

Developing Meaningful Relationships

Calgary Rotaract Club’s ‘Living in the Solution’ event on February 24, 2015

Book Dr. Pat to Speak
Seasoned and respected media panelist, Dr. Pat is available to share his expertise on a number of psychological topics and current research in the field.

Available for: TV, Radio, Magazine, Newspaper, Podcasts and Blogs.

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Alberta Primetime: Health Panel

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Edmonton Journal: Teen Depression

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Coping with Depression: CTV Morning Live interview

Interview Dr. Pat

Alberta Primetime Interview Replays

Screen capture from TV interview on the Keep him here campaign
Screen Capture of TV Interview on Mindfulness